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WOW Gold US:

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Aegwynn US - Alliance Aegwynn US - Horde Aerie Peak US - Alliance
Aerie Peak US - Horde Agamaggan US - Alliance Agamaggan US - Horde
Aggramar US - Alliance Aggramar US - Horde Akama US - Alliance
Akama US - Horde Alexstrasza US - Alliance Alexstrasza US - Horde
Alleria US - Alliance Alleria US - Horde Altar of Storms US - Alliance
Altar of Storms US - Horde Alterac Mountains US - Alliance Alterac Mountains US - Horde
Aman'Thul Oceanic - Alliance Aman'Thul Oceanic - Horde Andorhal US - Alliance
Andorhal US - Horde Anetheron US - Alliance Anetheron US - Horde
Antonidas US - Alliance Antonidas US - Horde Anub'arak US - Alliance
Anub'arak US - Horde Anvilmar US - Alliance Anvilmar US - Horde
Arathor US - Alliance Arathor US - Horde Archimonde US - Alliance
Archimonde US - Horde Area 52 US - Alliance Area 52 US - Horde
Argent Dawn US - Alliance Argent Dawn US - Horde Arthas US - Alliance
Arthas US - Horde Arygos US - Alliance Arygos US - Horde
Auchindoun US - Alliance Auchindoun US - Horde Azgalor US - Alliance
Azgalor US - Horde Azjol-Nerub US - Alliance Azjol-Nerub US - Horde
Azralon Brazil - Alliance Azralon Brazil - Horde Azshara US - Alliance
Azshara US - Horde Azuremyst US - Alliance Azuremyst US - Horde

Baelgun US - Alliance Baelgun US - Horde Balnazzar US - Alliance
Balnazzar US - Horde Barthilas Oceanic - Horde Barthilas Oceanic- Alliance
Black Dragonflight US - Alliance Black Dragonflight US - Horde Blackhand US - Alliance
Blackhand US - Horde Blackrock US - Alliance Blackrock US - Horde
Blackwater Raiders US - Alliance Blackwater Raiders US - Horde Blackwing Lair US - Alliance
Blackwing Lair US - Horde Blade's Edge US - Alliance Blade's Edge US - Horde
Bladefist US - Alliance Bladefist US - Horde Bleeding Hollow US - Alliance
Bleeding Hollow US - Horde Blood Furnace US - Alliance Blood Furnace US - Horde
Bloodhoof US - Alliance Bloodhoof US - Horde Bloodscalp US - Alliance
Bloodscalp US - Horde Bonechewer US - Alliance Bonechewer US - Horde
Borean Tundra US - Alliance Borean Tundra US - Horde Boulderfist US - Alliance
Boulderfist US - Horde Bronzebeard US - Alliance Bronzebeard US - Horde
Burning Blade US - Alliance Burning Blade US - Horde Burning Legion US - Alliance
Burning Legion US - Horde

Caelestrasz Oceanic - Alliance Caelestrasz Oceanic - Horde Cairne US - Alliance
Cairne US - Horde Cenarion Circle US - Alliance Cenarion Circle US - Horde
Cenarius US - Alliance Cenarius US - Horde Cho'gall US - Alliance
Cho'gall US - Horde Chromaggus US - Alliance Chromaggus US - Horde
Coilfang US - Alliance Coilfang US - Horde Crushridge US - Alliance
Crushridge US - Horde

Daggerspine US - Alliance Daggerspine US - Horde Dalaran US - Alliance
Dalaran US - Horde Dalvengyr US - Alliance Dalvengyr US - Horde
Dark Iron US - Alliance Dark Iron US - Horde Darkspear US - Alliance
Darkspear US - Horde Darrowmere US - Alliance Darrowmere US - Horde
Dath'Remar Oceanic - Alliance Dath'Remar Oceanic - Horde Dawnbringer US - Alliance
Dawnbringer US - Horde Deathwing US - Alliance Deathwing US - Horde
Demon Soul US - Alliance Demon Soul US - Horde Dentarg US - Alliance
Dentarg US - Horde Destromath US - Alliance Destromath US - Horde
Dethecus US - Alliance Dethecus US - Horde Detheroc US - Alliance
Detheroc US - Horde Doomhammer US - Alliance Doomhammer US - Horde
Draenor US - Alliance Draenor US - Horde Dragonblight US - Alliance
Dragonblight US - Horde Dragonmaw US - Alliance Dragonmaw US - Horde
Drak'Tharon US - Alliance Drak'Tharon US - Horde Drak'thul US - Alliance
Drak'thul US - Horde Draka US - Alliance Draka US - Horde
Drakkari Latin America - Alliance Drakkari Latin America - Horde Dreadmaul Oceanic - Alliance
Dreadmaul Oceanic - Horde Drenden US - Alliance Drenden US - Horde
Dunemaul US - Alliance Dunemaul US - Horde Durotan US - Alliance
Durotan US - Horde Duskwood US - Alliance Duskwood US - Horde

Earthen Ring US - Alliance Earthen Ring US - Horde Echo Isles US - Alliance
Echo Isles US - Horde Eitrigg US - Alliance Eitrigg US - Horde
Eldre'Thalas US - Alliance Eldre'Thalas US - Horde Elune US - Alliance
Elune US - Horde Emerald Dream US - Alliance Emerald Dream US - Horde
Eonar US - Alliance Eonar US - Horde Eredar US - Alliance
Eredar US - Horde Executus US - Alliance Executus US - Horde
Exodar US - Alliance Exodar US - Horde

Farstriders US - Alliance Farstriders US - Horde Feathermoon US - Alliance
Feathermoon US - Horde Fenris US - Alliance Fenris US - Horde
Firetree US - Alliance Firetree US - Horde Fizzcrank US - Alliance
Fizzcrank US - Horde Frostmane US - Alliance Frostmane US - Horde
Frostmourne Oceanic - Alliance Frostmourne Oceanic - Horde Frostwolf US - Alliance
Frostwolf US - Horde

Galakrond US - Alliance Galakrond US - Horde Gallywix Brazil - Alliance
Gallywix Brazil - Horde Garithos US - Alliance Garithos US - Horde
Garona US - Alliance Garona US - Horde Garrosh US - Alliance
Garrosh US - Horde Ghostlands US - Alliance Ghostlands US - Horde
Gilneas US - Alliance Gilneas US - Horde Gnomeregan US - Alliance
Gnomeregan US - Horde Goldrinn Brazil - Alliance Goldrinn Brazil - Horde
Gorefiend US - Alliance Gorefiend US - Horde Gorgonnash US - Alliance
Gorgonnash US - Horde Greymane US - Alliance Greymane US - Horde
Grizzly Hills US - Alliance Grizzly Hills US - Horde Gul'dan US - Alliance
Gul'dan US - Horde Gundrak Oceanic - Alliance Gundrak Oceanic - Horde
Gurubashi US - Alliance Gurubashi US - Horde

Hakkar US - Alliance Hakkar US - Horde Haomarush US - Alliance
Haomarush US - Horde Hellscream US - Alliance Hellscream US - Horde
Hydraxis US - Alliance Hydraxis US - Horde Hyjal US - Alliance
Hyjal US - Horde

Icecrown US - Alliance Icecrown US - Horde Illidan US - Alliance
Illidan US - Horde

Jaedenar US - Alliance Jaedenar US - Horde Jubei'Thos Oceanic - Alliance
Jubei'Thos Oceanic - Horde

Kael'thas US - Alliance Kael'thas US - Horde Kalecgos US - Alliance
Kalecgos US - Horde Kargath US - Alliance Kargath US - Horde
Kel'Thuzad US - Alliance Kel'Thuzad US - Horde Khadgar US - Alliance
Khadgar US - Horde Khaz Modan US - Alliance Khaz Modan US - Horde
Khaz'goroth Oceanic - Alliance Khaz'goroth Oceanic - Horde Kil'Jaeden US - Alliance
Kil'Jaeden US - Horde Kilrogg US - Alliance Kilrogg US - Horde
Kirin Tor US - Alliance Kirin Tor US - Horde Korgath US - Alliance
Korgath US - Horde Korialstrasz US - Alliance Korialstrasz US - Horde
Kul Tiras US - Alliance Kul Tiras US - Horde

Laughing Skull US - Alliance Laughing Skull US - Horde Lethon US - Alliance
Lethon US - Horde Lightbringer US - Alliance Lightbringer US - Horde
Lightning's Blade US - Alliance Lightning's Blade US - Horde Lightninghoof US - Alliance
Lightninghoof US - Horde Llane US - Alliance Llane US - Horde
Lothar US - Alliance Lothar US - Horde

Madoran US - Alliance Madoran US - Horde Maelstrom US - Alliance
Maelstrom US - Horde Magtheridon US - Alliance Magtheridon US - Horde
Maiev US - Alliance Maiev US - Horde Mal'Ganis US - Alliance
Mal'Ganis US - Horde Malfurion US - Alliance Malfurion US - Horde
Malorne US - Alliance Malorne US - Horde Malygos US - Alliance
Malygos US - Horde Mannoroth US - Alliance Mannoroth US - Horde
Medivh US - Alliance Medivh US - Horde Misha US - Alliance
Misha US - Horde Mok'Nathal US - Alliance Mok'Nathal US - Horde
Moon Guard US - Alliance Moon Guard US - Horde Moonrunner US - Alliance
Moonrunner US - Horde Mug'thol US - Alliance Mug'thol US - Horde
Muradin US - Alliance Muradin US - Horde

Nagrand Oceanic - Alliance Nagrand Oceanic - Horde Nathrezim US - Alliance
Nathrezim US - Horde Nazgrel US - Alliance Nazgrel US - Horde
Nazjatar US - Alliance Nazjatar US - Horde Nemesis Brazil - Alliance
Nemesis Brazil - Horde Ner'Zhul US - Alliance Ner'Zhul US - Horde
Nesingwary US - Alliance Nesingwary US - Horde Nordrassil US - Alliance
Nordrassil US - Horde Norgannon US - Alliance Norgannon US - Horde

Onyxia US - Alliance Onyxia US - Horde

Perenolde US - Alliance Perenolde US - Horde Proudmoore US - Alliance
Proudmoore US - Horde

Quel'dorei US - Alliance Quel'dorei US - Horde Quel'Thalas Latin America - Alliance
Quel'Thalas Latin America - Horde

Ragnaros Latin America - Alliance Ragnaros Latin America - Horde Ravencrest US - Alliance
Ravencrest US - Horde Ravenholdt US - Alliance Ravenholdt US - Horde
Rexxar US - Alliance Rexxar US - Horde Rivendare US - Alliance
Rivendare US - Horde Runetotem US - Alliance Runetotem US - Horde

Sargeras US - Alliance Sargeras US - Horde Saurfang Oceanic - Alliance
Saurfang Oceanic - Horde Scarlet Crusade US - Alliance Scarlet Crusade US - Horde
Scilla US - Alliance Scilla US - Horde Sen'Jin US - Alliance
Sen'Jin US - Horde Sentinels US - Alliance Sentinels US - Horde
Shadow Council US - Alliance Shadow Council US - Horde Shadow Moon US - Alliance
Shadow Moon US - Horde Shadowsong US - Alliance Shadowsong US - Horde
Shandris US - Alliance Shandris US - Horde Shattered Halls US - Alliance
Shattered Halls US - Horde Shattered Hand US - Alliance Shattered Hand US - Horde
Shu'halo US - Alliance Shu'halo US - Horde Silver Hand US - Alliance
Silver Hand US - Horde Silvermoon US - Alliance Silvermoon US - Horde
Sisters of Elune US - Alliance Sisters of Elune US - Horde Skullcrusher US - Alliance
Skullcrusher US - Horde Skywall US - Alliance Skywall US - Horde
Smolderthorn US - Alliance Smolderthorn US - Horde Spinebreaker US - Alliance
Spinebreaker US - Horde Spirestone US - Alliance Spirestone US - Horde
Staghelm US - Alliance Staghelm US - Horde Steamwheedle Cartel US - Alliance
Steamwheedle Cartel US - Horde Stonemaul US - Alliance Stonemaul US - Horde
Stormrage US - Alliance Stormrage US - Horde Stormreaver US - Alliance
Stormreaver US - Horde Stormscale US - Alliance Stormscale US - Horde
Suramar US - Alliance Suramar US - Horde

Tanaris US - Alliance Tanaris US - Horde Terenas US - Alliance
Terenas US - Horde Terokkar US - Alliance Terokkar US - Horde
Thaurissan Oceanic - Alliance Thaurissan Oceanic - Horde The Forgotten Coast US - Alliance
The Forgotten Coast US - Horde The Scryers US - Alliance The Scryers US - Horde
The Underbog US - Alliance The Underbog US - Horde The Venture Co US - Alliance
The Venture Co US - Horde Thorium Brotherhood US - Alliance Thorium Brotherhood US - Horde
Thrall US - Alliance Thrall US - Horde Thunderhorn US - Alliance
Thunderhorn US - Horde Thunderlord US - Alliance Thunderlord US - Horde
Tichondrius US - Alliance Tichondrius US - Horde Tol Barad Brazil - Alliance
Tol Barad Brazil - Horde Tortheldrin US - Alliance Tortheldrin US - Horde
Trollbane US - Alliance Trollbane US - Horde Turalyon US - Alliance
Turalyon US - Horde Twisting Nether US - Alliance Twisting Nether US - Horde

Uldaman US - Alliance Uldaman US - Horde Uldum US - Alliance
Uldum US - Horde Undermine US - Alliance Undermine US - Horde
Ursin US - Alliance Ursin US - Horde Uther US - Alliance
Uther US - Horde

Vashj US - Alliance Vashj US - Horde Vek'nilash US - Alliance
Vek'nilash US - Horde Velen US - Alliance Velen US - Horde

Warsong US - Alliance Warsong US - Horde Whisperwind US - Alliance
Whisperwind US - Horde Wildhammer US - Alliance Wildhammer US - Horde
Windrunner US - Alliance Windrunner US - Horde Winterhoof US - Alliance
Winterhoof US - Horde Wyrmrest Accord US - Alliance Wyrmrest Accord US - Horde

Ysera US - Alliance Ysera US - Horde Ysondre US - Alliance
Ysondre US - Horde

Zangarmarsh US - Alliance Zangarmarsh US - Horde Zul'jin US - Alliance
Zul'jin US - Horde Zuluhed US - Alliance Zuluhed US - Horde is offering the wow gold. WOW Gold is the official currency in World of Warcraft, here are some important thing you should know in buying the wow gold.


The first important thing of buying WOW Gold is fast delivery. put the fast-delivery in the first position. We keep 3000,000-5000,000 Gold in each realm as storage, 50% in horde and 50% in alliance. When we receive your order, our operation staff will login the wow account which used as gold trader (mostly it is 1-10 level character). It will take about 10 minutes. Auction House trade is the only one way of gold delivery.


The second important thing of buying WOW Gold is nice price. is very willing to sell WOW Gold at low prices. We compare the price every day and update our price daily based on our storage and customer demand. If you find a site is cheaper than us, we can update our site price or sell the gold to you as cheaper price. Also there are 4 ways to get coupons and discount: 1) you can get a coupon from our live support if you need, our live support is 24/7 online. 2) Sign up as our members! We have special price for our members and members can get member points with every purchase. 3) We will email a discount code to our regular customers aperiodically. 4) You can search some terms like "RMTBUDDY coupon" or “WOW Gold coupon” on Google.


The third important thing of buying WOW Gold is legit gold.


Some buyers who bought from other sites always undergo the "WOW Gold confiscate by blizzard" or WOW account banned after purchased WOW gold. Because the gold they buy before is stolen or black. only sells the legal game gold because all the WOW Gold in our storage comes from our WOW Gold farmers. We are farming the gold for more than 5 years and we NEVER USE THE BLACK-CDK and we NEVER STEAL THE WOW ACCOUNT. We are the original gold farmers and some sites or mid-man wholesale the wow gold from us.


The forth important thing of buying WOW Gold is reviews.


Buyers review is so important for both website and buyers. Buyers can know which site to choose or how is a wow gold selling site. Our website review is open, also you can see our reviews on Google, and you can try to search "rmtbuddy reviews" to see our worldwide reviews.


We provide the WOW Gold as face to face trade, we can deliver the gold of World of Warcraft in 30 minutes after your payment placed. The WOW US servers(realm) refer to United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia and other American/Pacific countries. We update our price daily based on our storage and customer demand, and also we want to offer the cheapest wow gold to you guys. In payments, we accept the PayPal, Moneybookers(Skrill) and Credit Cards(such as Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express and Diner Club, including some Debit Cards). If you don't like these payment methods, you can contact us to pay as Google Checkout, Paybycash and others. We never call you as phone call confirmation, sms or voice confirmation. If you like WOW Power Leveling, you can click here.

We NEVER Repo or Recall the WOW Gold. If the gold is traded, don't trade or send them back with any reasons. Buying WOW Gold is breaking the terms and condition of Blizzard, RMTBUDDY doesn't cover the loss of official gold remove action.


Auction House Delivery

1. Post one items if you buy 100,000G in AH with the buyout price 105,263G. If you purchased 200,000G, and then you can post 2 items.

2. You can use the item in this list. If you don't have these items, you can buy it (or them) in AH and then post it on AH again.

3. We will buy it as soon as possible. Mostly 5-10 minutes.

4. There's one hour delay in World of Warcraft Auction System, you will harvest the gold in 1 hour via the in-game mail.



1.Is your WOW Gold legit
2.What’s the delivery method of WOW Gold?
3.What’s the location of face to face trade?
4.How to process an Auction House trade for WOW Gold?
5.Is there any chance that my gold removed by Blizzard?
6.Why don’t you support the mail delivery?
7.Can I get the compensation if you cannot meet my demand
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