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Neverwinter Online Gold:

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We offer the Neverwinter Astral Diamond and Neverwinter Gold here.  We proud that we have successfully selling our Neverwinter Astral Diamond and Neverwinter Gold to the buyers in Spain,Australia,Finland,Israel,Netherlands,Sweden,France,Italy,New Zealand,Switzerland,Germany,Japan,Norway,Turkey,Greece,Liechtenstein,Portugal,United Kingdom,Canada,United States,Denmark,China,Brizil,Brazil,Argentina,Malaysia,Singapore and Thailand. Astral Diamonds are a form of uncommon, sometimes time-gated, in-game Currency in Neverwinter. There are far fewer opportunities to acquire Astral Diamonds than Gold. Astral Diamonds cannot be directly traded between players, but it can be used as trading currency in the Auction House to buy or sell items.

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Neverwinter Online Gold FAQ
1.How can I get my diamond after payment ?
2.Where is my bonus when I use the coupon code?
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