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RMTBUDDY.com offers FFXIV Gil and we deliver the Gil via mailbox. It is named Moogle Delivery Service in Final Fantasy XIV. After you paid we will send a friend request to you so please keep your character online and accept it. Then we will send a letter with Gil to you and you can harvest the gil instantly. The process will be in 5-30 minutes, average delivery time is 15 minutes. There will be a notification at the top of the screen when you receive the gil and fetch it from Delivery Moogle.
Don’t return FFXIV Gil after receive it. We never request gold back, so ignore anyone who ask you to trade gil back, including the traders.
Why Buy FFXIV Gil from rmtbuddy.com?
The fastest and best way to buy cheap in-game currency. 
Safe and legit FFXIV Gil come from our professional FFXIV farmers, no bots guaranteed.
Fast delivery, 15 -30 minutes you can obtain the FFXIV Gil, almost instant delivery.
Privacy Policy, we never spam in game and email and no phone call verification from our website.
Millions of successful transactions and happy customers on our RMTBUDDY Shop.
All the coupons/discount codes from Google and sub-sites are available.
We are 24*7 Online with English chat live support.
PayPal, Credit Card(Visa, Master Card, American Express, JCB), Debit Card, Moneybookers/Skills, Google Checkout, Paysafecard, Paybyphone. The large amount we can accept Western Union and Wire Transfer.
Global Sale
Most of our buyers and customers from Europe and North Amierca, such as United Kindom, United States, Australia, Germany, France and Canada, but the buyers from other countries are still available to buy on this store. It is a global e-commercial site for FFXIV Gil.
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1.How will I get my gils after payment?
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