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Blade and Soul Gold US NA-Zulia

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 Blade and Soul US - NA-Zulia  - 500 Gold   $24.11 
 Blade and Soul US - NA-Zulia  - 1000 Gold   $48.22 
 Blade and Soul US - NA-Zulia  - 1200 Gold   $57.86 
 Blade and Soul US - NA-Zulia  - 1500 Gold   $72.33 
 Blade and Soul US - NA-Zulia  - 1800 Gold   $86.80 
 Blade and Soul US - NA-Zulia  - 2000 Gold   $96.44 
 Blade and Soul US - NA-Zulia  - 3000 Gold   $144.66 
 Blade and Soul US - NA-Zulia  - 4000 Gold   $192.88 
 Blade and Soul US - NA-Zulia  - 6000 Gold   $289.32 
 Blade and Soul US - NA-Zulia  - 8000 Gold   $385.76 
 Blade and Soul US - NA-Zulia  - 10000 Gold   $482.20 is offering the Blade and Soul Gold.

Why buy Blade and Soul Gold from
1. Fast delivery. 
It is almost instant delivery of Blade and Soul Gold on store, 5-15 minutes delivery via dungeon loot auction.
2. In payments, PayPal, Moneybookers(Skrill) and Credit Cards(such as Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express and Diner Club, including some Debit Cards) are available here.
3. We never call you as voice confirmation,order completes and other notification via email.
4. Well-priced price. 
We compare the Blade and Soul Gold price to keep low price every day. And we ensure our gold is legit because all the gold are farmed by our skilled and professional gold farmer and  gold farming guide writers.
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Blade and Soul Gold US FAQ
1.In-Game Mail Delivery
2.Auction House Delivery
3.Face To Face Delivery
4.What is Dungeon Loot Auction F8?
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