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Black Desert Gold EU-Croxus

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 Black Desert Online - EU-Croxus  - 5 Silver   $39.00 
 Black Desert Online - EU-Croxus  - 10 Silver   $78.00 
 Black Desert Online - EU-Croxus  - 15 Silver   $117.00 
 Black Desert Online - EU-Croxus  - 20 Silver   $156.00 
 Black Desert Online - EU-Croxus  - 25 Silver   $195.00 
 Black Desert Online - EU-Croxus  - 30 Silver   $234.00 

US Server Only

Level 50 & Weapon+8 Only

Black Desert Online Silver is the basic currency, but it can not be trade as normal. Either Face-to-face, Auction House or Mail delivery are not working in Black Desert Online. So we make a solution, it is gold farming. We will log in your account and farming the silver for you like power leveling.

There will be a requirement for Black Desert Online Silver farming - Level 50 & Weapon +8. You can buy power leveling if you can not be like this. Also you can contact our live support to fix this, like make a bew package like a special offer. It means the prices will be more expensive than the prices listed above but it is not recommended. What we recommend is buy power leveling to [level 50 & weapon + 8] first and then buy the cheap Black Desert Online Silver.

Black Desert Gold FAQ
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